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Alfa Romeo NFTs? That’s what’s going into its latest hybrid car

By Imogen Smith
February 9, 2022 0

Luxury Italian car dealer, Alfa Romeo, has revealed it will be using NFTs to track and store vehicle data and maintenance records on the blockchain for its new Tonale SUV.

The 2023 Tonale is a plug-in electric hybrid that will have embedded NFT technology that will generate a certificate that can be used to assure the car has been properly maintained, with a positive impact on its residual value.

“Digitalization is a key enabler of our metamorphosis. Tonale is the first car ever to keep a blockchain, non-fungible token. NFTs are based on the same distributed information logic that protects your Bitcoin,” Francesco Calcara, head of Alfa marketing and communication, said during a media briefing.

Alfa Romeo will be the first carmaker to use NFTs in this way, appearing to be a move to increase transparency and efficacy into a car market that often relies on third parties to track records.


Imogen Smith

Imogen is a journalist for CryptoVista reporting on the complexities of the digital currency space and its latest news from around the world.

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