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Budweiser’s first batch of NFTs sold out one hour after launch

By Jesse Coghlan
November 30, 2021 0

Budweiser, the American beer brand produced by Anheuser-Busch, sold out of its first release of 1,936 NFTs just one hour after launching.

The market value of this series ranged from US$499 to US$999.

The collection, named the “Budverse Cans Heritage Edition”, comprises 1,936 unique digital cans, representing 1936, the year that Budweiser first landed on the market.

Budweiser states that “each NFT is one-of-a-kind and generated using archived photos, ads, and designs from throughout Budweiser’s storied history.” Each NFT will also act as an entry key to the “Budverse”, unlocking exclusive benefits, rewards, and surprises which are yet to be announced but promised for the near future.

The NFT’s come in two editions, a “Core” edition, which consisted of 1,900 NFTs priced at US$499, and a “Gold” edition, which was much more limited at 36 NFTs priced at US$999. The Gold edition also comes with “hyper-exclusive, gold-only levels of access to the Budverse.” One of the Gold edition cans has already been re-sold for 7 ETH (around US$31,000 at time of writing).

In August, Budweiser changed its Twitter profile picture to an NFT it purchased for 8 ETH (US$26,000 at time of purchase) of a hand-drawn rocket of Budweiser cans, created by artist Tom Sachs as part of his Rocket Factory NFT series.

Budweiser has also claimed early-mover advantage on the relationship between beer and NFTs by recently purchasing the “beer.eth” Ethereum domain name for 30 ETH (nearly US$100,000 at time of purchase) which is featured as its Twitter name.


Jesse Coghlan

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