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We’re starting to get names on who was involved in the Bitfinex hack

By Annabelle Simpson
April 25, 2022 0

In early February the United States’ Department of Justice announced that two individuals had been arrested in connection with the 2016 hack of cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex after attempting to launder stolen funds. At the time we had no idea who was responsible, but now, names are emerging.

So far the individuals in question have not been implicated in the hack itself, just in the clumsy attempts to inconspicuously launder the funds. However, at these early stages of the legal process what is proving to be more interesting than the indictments is the identities and backstories of these two individuals at the centre of the controversy.

In what will surely make for a future biopic film, on the morning of February 8, a young married couple by the name of Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan were arrested for their alleged hand in the laundering of the stolen Bitfinex cryptocurrency.

Liechtenstein is a dual Russian-American citizen whose Twitter feed makes for an interesting read about his general views on the Web3 space. His wife is perhaps a more peculiar character in this stranger than fiction narrative. Among other pursuits, Ms Morgan is a journalist having written for the likes of Forbes. Perhaps the most notable line in her bio relates to her burgeoning career as a rapper, going by the stage name Razzlekhan. 

In one of Razzlekhan’s most popular songs she raps,

“Spirit of a revolutionary

Power of a dictator

Love to be contrary

But I’m sly like a gator”.

Now that Morgan has proven to not be as sly as she may have thought of herself, it will be interesting to see how this ends. According to insiders, there are significant holes in the government’s case against her and her husband. And while Lichtenstein and Morgan’s fates may not yet be sealed, how their case plays out will certainly remain of interest to those in the crypto community.


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