Crypto retirement? One in four millennials say “yes”

By CryptoVista Staff
April 6, 2022 0

One in four millennials (28 per cent) plan on using cryptocurrency to support themselves in retirement. This latest survey from Investopedia was most interesting because it suggested that millennials are more bullish on a crypto retirement than they were savings (25 per cent) or stock investments (27 per cent).

Even more surprising was how the other generations responded. 20 per cent of Gen X people surveyed were looking to a crypto retirement, while just 17 per cent of Gen Z said the same. With millennials sandwiched between these two generations, is this a sign that crypto is a single-generation phenomenon, or are Gen Z’s simply not thinking about retirement yet?

Elsewhere the survey suggested that outside of the millennial demographic, there is still a lot of education that needs to be done regarding crypto assets. Just 27 per cent of the total survey said they understood “a lot” about cryptocurrencies, though 41 per cent of millennials said that they were comfortable with their knowledge of crypto.


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