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Deutsche Bank finds that crypto investors don’t give up

By CryptoVista Staff
February 16, 2022 0

Leading investment bank, Deutsche Bank, has made a startling discovery: Almost 80 per cent of crypto investors wouldn’t back out, even if prices crashed.

This statistic was one of many illuminating findings published through a survey this week. For example, almost half of those that had invested in cryptos that they’ve left their job to focus on currencies full time. A further 65 per cent said that they had only started investing in crypto in the past year.

Overall, the sentiment of the report is extremely bullish. A quarter expect that Bitcoin will trade above US$110,000 over the next five years, and that the majority of crypto transactions are for less than $100. In other words, crypto investing is something as accessible to hobbyists as it is to professional investors.

Of those that are not completely invested in crypto, the study suggests a fairly even split among those that do it as a hobby, and those that see it as part of portfolio diversification.

All of this optimism comes despite a well-publicised crash of crypto value earlier this year. That certainly tested the resolve of crypto enthusiasts, and it looks like they’ve come out the other end stronger and more confident in their investments than ever.


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