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eBay considering cryptocurrencies payments

By CryptoVista Staff
March 1, 2022 0

One of the original Internet marketplaces, eBay, may open itself up to crypto payments soon. The company, which manages $85 billion in volume, is looking to crypto to help re-engage with younger generations.

This has not been formally announced yet, and eBay has previously denied rumours that it will start accepting crypto. However, the company CEO, Jamie Iannone, said in an interview recently that eBay was looking to transition to new modes of payment. This has led to speculation that the announcement could take place as early as March 10, when eBay hosts an investor’s day.

Last year eBay took a confident step into blockchain, allowing NFT sales over its platform. You need to meet certain criteria to be a seller there, but that experiment clearly paved the way for whoever cryptocurrency play eBay has planned.

While eBay is no longer the overwhelmingly dominant e-commerce player, it remains massive. Furthermore, the company’s grassroots business – allowing users to directly trade with one another – could prove instrumental in driving further mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.


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