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Emerging markets embrace crypto

By CryptoVista Staff
March 6, 2022 0

A recent survey has found that 75 per cent of investors across Asia-Pacific and Latin America want more of it. Across both regions, investors are highly bullish of its long-term growth trajectory set against other investment options.

The research also suggests that crypto is trusted by over twice as many investors in emerging markets compared with developed markets. Just 14 per cent of investors in the US and EU “trust” cryptocurrencies, while 32 per cent of those in APAC and Latin America do.

However, 45 per cent of consumers do agree that cryptocurrencies are not guaranteed to succeed. This indicates that the interest in crypto among emerging markets has as much to do with the risk that other investment options in those markets pose as it does the growth of crypto as an investment asset itself.

Unsurprisingly, by age demographic, it’s the millennials that are most invested in crypto, with 40.5 per cent having crypto assets. Millennials are more comfortable with technology than the older generations, and generally have a little more capital to invest into crypto than Gen-Z.


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