Work in crypto! Five tips to score that dream job

By Annabelle Simpson
June 6, 2022 0

Crypto is a buzzing industry. Once a bastion of only the deeply technical, crypto is increasingly becoming a hot industry for people from all walks of life. From digital artists and content creators, to the finance bros of Wall Street and software engineers, everyone is keen to get their foot in the door. For those wanting to join the hordes leaving conventional roles to join the Web3 revolution, we break down some top tips on how to get a job in crypto.

Know your stuff

It is essential that you at least have an understanding of the fundamentals of crypto. There are plenty of resources online that break down all you need to know. From podcasts and articles, to free courses and white papers, there is an overwhelming amount of content that you can use to rapidly skill up. Find a resource that works for you, whether it’s Laura Shin’s podcast unchained or even TikTok videos of everyday people talking about their crypto hacks, there is a wealth of resources to suit everyone.

Learn by doing

The best way to get up to speed in crypto is to get your hands dirty and learn by doing. Whether it’s trading coins or minting NFTs, there are so many facets of the world of crypto for punters to explore. For beginners, it is best to explore low code options that don’t require a great deal of technical skill. For example, start by opening a MetaMask wallet and buying some coins or experimenting with NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Be prepared to start at the bottom

So now you’re ready for any actual job in Web3. You can’t let your pride get in the way and have any expectation to start on the same level that you may have been on in the Web2 world. Crypto is a meritocracy, and it doesn’t matter how old you are it’s your skills and experience that are important. Hence, you have to be prepared to start on the bottom rung as an intern or unpaid volunteer. It may seem like a backwards step, but it certainly isn’t. Being on the ground level at a big Web3 firm is where you will learn crucial skills for your future career in the industry. It’s all about getting your foot in the door.

Join some communities 

Whether you’re an avid Discord user or Twitter is more your jam, it’s essential to get involved in crypto communities. There are countless communities to join and it’s important to start contributing to these groups to make a name for yourself in the crypto space. These online groups are also a great place to connect with people in a similar position that are exploring the crypto landscape too. Community is everything in crypto and it’s where the magic happens in the space.

Start producing your own crypto-related content

Once you’re comfortable that you know a bit more about the space, it’s time for you to start producing your own crypto-related content. Crypto is a space where conflicting opinions are welcomed. So, be bold and take to Twitter or Medium to write what you think about anything and everything. Whether you’re bullish on dogecoin or think NFTs are just a gimmick – tell the world. The crypto community wants to hear what you have to say. Writing this content will establish your credibility in the space and is a perfect way to continue to research and refine your own understanding as you go.


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