Twitter users can now add an NFT as their profile picture

By Jesse Coghlan
January 21, 2022 1

Twitter Inc. this morning announced that its users are able to connect their digital asset wallets and feature their owned NFTs as their profile picture, as part of a strategy to encourage users to use its subscription service.


The feature is only available to users who have an Apple iOS device and are subscribed to Twitter Blue, the platform’s paid subscription service, which amongst other features like ad-free articles, allows subscribers early access to features before public release.

Users who pay the US$2.99/month fee (AUD$4.49/month) can connect their crypto wallet and set their NFTs as their profile photo. Verified NFTs will appear as hexagons instead of circles.

One user was quick to offer a tongue-in-cheek service to turn non-NFT pictures into a hexagon shape for a one-time payment of US$3 by simply applying a hexagonal frame with a white outline, matching Twitters white background on the website and app.


Many users on Twitter are interested in NFTs, with the company even selling its own last June, although the paid advertising of non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrency related products is only allowed with prior authorisation from Twitter.


Jesse Coghlan

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