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Who’s Who in Crypto: Fred Schebesta, Founder of global fintech ‘Finder’

By Ciaran Lyons
June 24, 2022 0

Fred Schebesta is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, most famous for being the founder of global fintech ‘Finder’. Fred is a visionary, an expert in cryptocurrency, and is leading the group’s venture capital arm, Finder Ventures, which includes an innovative money app, the Finder app. Fred’s latest project, Schebesta Ventures, is a platform of resources to help more startups develop their business ideas.

In 2021 he was ranked 29th on The Australian Financial Review’s Young Rich List with an estimated net worth of Aus$340 million. He purchased a mansion in South Coogee in 2021 for $16.85 million and named it ‘The Crypto Castle’.

Fred is a leading advocate for cryptocurrency and regularly features on media outlets across the globe talking about all things crypto. He is well-respected by other crypto enthusiasts and was awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the Blockchain Australia Industry Awards in 2019.

CryptoVista was stoked to be able to chat to Fred about what might be coming up next in his eccentric, dynamic career.

1. What are your priorities in the crypto space for the next 12 months?

Right now in the crypto space, I’m looking at things like expanding the offerings we have in the Finder app. We launched Finder Earn in Australia where you can earn 6% p.a. And we’re about to add more cryptocurrencies available for trading in the app over the next couple of months.

I’m looking at new and upcoming technologies as there’s always a big wave. Before it was ICOs, then it was DeFi, then it was NFTs. Right now I’m really focused on gaming NFTs because I think it’s really interesting and I’m looking for what’s coming next after that.

2. What does crypto mean to you and what drew you to it?

Crypto is a combination of marketing, technology and finance. And it’s now becoming this incredible ecosystem. And the new financial system is adding in NFTs and gaming. It’s basically adding another love of mine, which is to play games, and so it is basically all of my favourite things I love in the world mixed into one.

3. What is your long-term view of crypto?

It’s going to be the new financial system. I think It’s incredible. I think it’s the next level. Because it’s creating a new system it’s just going to take a long time to execute, and a long time to interface with all the previous constructs and controls. But let’s go forward 1,000 years. Do you think people will not use cryptocurrency as their main way to transact? It’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time.

4. What advice would you give people investing in crypto?

Right now we’re going on a big dip. Now, this is not financial advice. When markets are down, it’s generally better to hold, don’t sell. And when everyone is telling you that crypto is dead, that’s the time to buy.

5. How do you feel about the way the world is regulating crypto?

I think it’s fine. The stock market used to be a very unregulated bucket shop with many scams. And then it got regulated and now it’s a solid ecosystem. It’s the same thing that we will see with crypto.


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