Who’s Who in Crypto: Mason Versluis (“Crypto Mason” to his 1.6m+ followers)

By Ciaran Lyons
June 1, 2022 0

Mason Versluis, a.k.a “Crypto Mason” is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency influencers in the world, amassing an audience of over 1,600,000+ people across his social media platforms where he creates daily crypto content and shares relevant crypto news.

Mason says that he “acts as a bridge for new people to get started with cryptocurrency,” so we took the opportunity to drop him a couple of questions on his plans and thoughts about crypto.

1) What are your priorities for the next 12 months?

My priorities for the next 12 months are essentially the same as the past 12 months. I will continue to help onboard beginners into the crypto and Web3 space. I will also continue to educate as many people as possible on the future of money. I also plan to begin to build an actual company or project within the crypto/NFT space.

2) What does crypto mean to you and what drew you to it?

Crypto means a lot to me. Crypto means the future of money, it is the final piece of the puzzle. Everything around you is “smart” already, you have smartphones, smart cars, smart refrigerators, and even smart cities, but the money is still dumb. Crypto is about to make the money smart. What drew me to it was that I realized this was the PEOPLE finally making their own currency, versus just being handed a currency and told to believe it’s valuable (fiat).

3) What is your long-term view of crypto?

I have a very positive outlook on crypto in the long term. I believe that this market will easily be worth $10T – $100T in the future (right now it’s only $1T). However, I also believe a lot of the smaller projects will die out and disappear whether that be because of regulations or just straight-up failure.

4) What advice would you give people investing in crypto?

I would advise them to do as much of their own research as possible. Crypto is FILLED with illusions, scams, and schemes. You must develop a good filter to filter out these illusions. You can do this by listening to EVERYBODIE’S perspective and then comparing and cross-referencing them with other information. You must become a sponge for any information to do with crypto and NFTs.

5) How do you feel about the way the world is regulating crypto?

I feel like the world is still slightly confused on how to properly regulate crypto. It’s very hard to regulate decentralized entities like this. There is no way to stop a human being from creating a brand new token and marketing it and then it gaining value against the US dollar. So the regulators will forever have to deal with thousands of new tokens being created. It’s almost like they have let it get too big to stop it properly now. But ultimately I feel that regulation will be a net positive for the crypto space, and might even allow more billions of dollars to flow into the space.

6) What Crypto projects are you most excited about for 2022?

I am most excited for anything heavily connected to the government, banks, world economic forum etc… this is because I see a clear implementation of what we could call a “new world order” going on right now. And I am excited to see how these coins play into that, as I have had many suspicions about some of these coins relations to that. These would include coins like: XRP, QNT, HBAR, XLM, ALGO, ETH, XDC & more.


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